15% Off Necklaces - Discount Code: SPRING2018

15% Off Necklaces - Discount Code: SPRING2018

Labradorite Tree of Life Button Bracelet

3mm genuine antique brown leather is wrapped by a 1mm leather cord on this bracelet, while rounded and smooth Labradorite beads, surround a square cut faceted centre piece.

The tree of life button closure is an antique bronze hue. The tree of life is a popular, spiritual and historic emblem symbolizing a fresh start on life, positive energy, health and a bright future. 

Labradorite is a stone said to enhance spiritual awareness, shamanism and understanding. 

7 1/4" Circumference - Uniquely handmade in British Columbia, Canada - Lead, Cadmium and Nickel free. 

*Sizing can be made custom to order.

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