Artist Bio

Stones & Weave Jewellery is by Artist Andrew Bennett. It embodies the purity of nature joined with the unique artistry of leather and stone hand-design and forge. Andrew is moved by the power of the natural world that continually creates; he is also inspired by the ability of our organic world to encourage beauty, strength and energy in each of us everyday. 

It is through his own study of leather work, macrame and semi-precious stones that he now creates with passion, unique, high-quality and meaningful pieces of art to be worn. All pieces in the Stones & Weave line are produced in his home studio in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada. 

Spending much of his time in the magnificent wilderness of British Columbia, Andrew draws the energy he finds there in nature into his jewellery. All of of the jewellery - weaving the leather straps, polishing and drilling the stones - are done by his own hand. By using genuine leather, natural gemstones and amber, wearable art is created that is not only beautiful but also celebrates the individualism of the elements and stones that occur naturally. 

Andrew believes that each stone is unique and contains its own qualities that are able to help and guide us on our journey through life. It is his wish that we each live in symbiosis with the stunning world that surrounds us.  

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