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Our Story:
  • We make jewellery infused with the spirit of the wild and shaped by the art of our own hands - Using primarily materials that come naturally from the world we live in. All the pieces created by Stones & Weave are inspired by the collaboration of genuine leather, semiprecious stones, metal, hand-drilling and polishing by the Artist and creator of this brand, Andrew Bennett.
  • The artist desires to create jewellery that is both a means to connect people to their surroundings and also to remind them of the beauty and simplicity from which we are each nourished.
  • It is through his own study of leather work, macrame and semi-precious stones that he now creates with passion, unique, high-quality and meaningful pieces of art to be worn.
  • Spending much of his time in the magnificent wilderness of British Columbia, Andrew draws the energy he finds there in nature into his jewellery. All of of the jewellery - weaving the leather straps, polishing and drilling the stones - are done by his own hand.
  • Our Motto and purpose at Stones & Weave is to make jewellery inspired by the purity of nature; crafted by the art of hand.
  • Andrew believes that each stone he chooses for a piece is unique and contains its own qualities that are able to help and guide the wearer on their journey through life.
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Andrew and Team

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